Testimonials-Teacher Training

Yoga at the Village Teacher Trainees’ Test-i-MOAN-ials
Here’s what a few of our Grads have to say…

Hello Elyse!

It’s been a little more than a year since completing my 500 hour training.  This coming week, I get my first ERYT.  I am so grateful to you for all that you have done for me.  I’m writing you to tell you how much I appreciate you.  Thank you.

Applying what you, Carl, Nancy, Leslie, Russ, Scott, Shari, and all the workshops leaders have taught me is a delight everyday, and will continue to be.  Recently, I booked a spot as an Asana Leader for the next Yoga Alliance Annual Conference.  Also, combining my passion for civic engagement, I’m bringing yoga to a broader community in the Pasadena library system.  Every class is packed to capacity, with a long waiting list.  People are excited to integrate yoga into their daily lives.  I’m thrilled beyond my fingertips to be part of their journey!

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Elyse!

~Merry, 300-Hour Class of 2011

I’ve been through nursing school, a bachelors degree program, a masters program, law school, mediation training twice, and now the yoga program.  in all those programs/schools i have never had a program director/professor, who was so, well, generous is the word, with opportunities/experiences for learning.  I’ve had people who took an interest in me as an individual, but never a program that made so much space for seeking knowledge.
~Mary, Class of 2013

Dear Elyse and Carl,

Your teacher training program wasn’t quite what I expected, but definitely what I needed.  I “had” to go to yoga because I was doing this training which I probably wouldn’t have found time for if I weren’t doing the training. Yoga helped me find the calm and peace even when I had to look really hard.  Sometimes the peace and calm still went missing but at least I put forth the effort.   I loved learning the adaptations  for injuries and physical restrictions.  Your staff is wonderful — It’s hard to pick a most favorite, although Nancy and Scott are pretty close to a tie.  Nancy just is the yoga — she doesn’t have to say anything – and when she does – her body and mind are so congruent it all makes sense.  Scott is so experienced in yoga and instructing yoga — he is very clear and specific with his directions.  I hope to some day be as clear and entertaining. I appreciate the environment you create.  You encourage people and let them discover on their own.  You allow for a lot of flexibility.  I loved the teacher training group and am so happy to have met them.

Thank you.
With much gratitude,

~Brenda, Class of 2013

After considering doing yoga teacher training for literally 10 years and feeling the time was never quite right, I attended orientation for the program at Yoga at the Village. When I heard all the positive feedback from former students who were now successful teachers I told myself I’d be crazy not to go for it. The enthusiastic nature of the instructors and the camaraderie amongst the women made for an extremely supportive atmosphere that was more like a family than a training program. That environment alone made me look forward to our weekend meetings but also the confidence I gained by expanding my knowledge and public speaking skills left me feeling prepared to conquer the yoga world, so to speak. I would highly recommend teacher training at Yoga at the Village for anybody who is contemplating it and wants to learn a variety of styles from a wide range of inspiring professionals while having fun and being treated like family.

~Anjeanette, Class of 2013

Yoga at the Village’s Teacher Training 2013 is coming to an end this weekend. Thank you ladies who were in the training with me for being supportive and fun. I would like to continue to keep in touch with you and will try my best to attend your classes. Carl is amazing and I learned so much from him! Thank you Elyse for making us feel at home at your comfy studio. I can honestly say that having been around L.A. to different yoga studios, yours is truly unique! You are generous, funny, honest, don’t pretend to know it all, you learn from others and love to teach what you know. You are a tough cookie and a well rounded yogi. So many times I drove by the studio and didn’t check it out thinking it may not be right for me…Now, not only it is the right yoga studio for me to continue my practice but I have become a yoga teacher!!! Who would’ve thought 2 years ago???

~Arminé, Class of 2013

Hi Elyse!

Can you believe it, the end is upon us! I have truly enjoyed, grown, appreciated and become extremely fulfilled by the journey that I have experienced with Yoga at the Village and this training. I came into this, to be totally honest, kind of a mess – but I feel like I am leaving with a stronger soul and a dedicated practice of being a little happier every day. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us! I will carry a piece of your smile with me everywhere.
Warmest Regards,

~Kendra, Class of 2013

Thank you. I’m feeling more confident about it. You are right with the whole ‘get out of your own way’ thing.  I am loving this in more ways than I thought!! You and Carl have really put time and thought into this training and it truly is a good one.

~Carol, Class of 2013

Elyse and Carl!
I continue to teach, and have been teaching yoga ever since I stepped out of training! I feel very fortunate that the path of yoga has taken me where I am at this moment. Teacher training was an important time in my life. Specifically, that I was able to study at Yoga at the Village, where there was always an emphasis in the “everyday person.” Sure I still have fun teaching sweaty classes with arm balancings, and bendy bodies waving about the room in Urdva Danurasana. However, I never lose sight of the person with the desk job, who hasn’t left their desk in thirty years and is scared shitless of walking into a room with strangers and exploring the unknown. The person who has a challenging time simply lifting their arm over their head. When I come across any type of body structure, I still remind students the key teaching of Yogi Carl Dawson, “Take what you get,” as the meaning of this teaching has truly unfolded!

Elyse: I was in one of your classes when an older, woman began crying in pigeon pose. You handled it so well, telling her “It’s okay, you’re doing your best. Take a deep breath and see what happens.” Holy cow!! When does that teaching NOT apply to someone? I loved this type of genius improv the most.
In Great Gratitude for all that you’ve shared,

~Jenny, Class of 2008

Hi Elyse!
I teach weekly yoga where I work. Very challenging. I have first timers, an advanced, a 20 year old, a 55 year old, an intermediate, a pregnant woman, and one man!
I love having my teaching certificate and knowing I can  teach at the drop of a hat AND it got me 50% off at the yoga festival last weekend =) I’ve been accepted to the Yoga Therapy Rx Program at Loyola – I start in October.There are 3 levels – each a year of classes (oh boy). LOVE!

~Jennifer, Class of 2010

Dear Elyse,
Thank you very much for the opportunity to practice at your studio, it was a great experience.
My experience with you both has influenced  my path, As I all ready shared with you, Carl has allow me to learn profound Yoga experiences not only on the physical level correcting and perfecting my poses but my in attitude. I must thank you for allowing me to participate in the 200-hr training, it was great.  It left me with the feeling that as much I learned, there was much, much more i really need to learn, and yet, the difference though, now, is that I now begin to understand the language and how Yoga works. I may well be at the beginning but I’m confident that it is a good start. Not only in my teaching but profoundly in my own practice.

Therefore I’m taking my time to connect Yoga with my other readings and thanks to God I have Carl and you to bring me down to earth! I loved to be part of your teacher training!  There is always an opportunity for me to discover the other side of the coin, apparently my world is too close and your vision and the input of the other classmates opened a wider window, different vision?

~Yoly, Class of 2010

The Teaching Training  I received was excellent, but nothing replaces time in the saddle. :o)  I have enjoyed seeing all of my class mates doing so well. What a group!
Over all, I enjoy teaching.  I have had the opportunity to do some teaching. I’ve taught classes that never got going… and others that seemed to have their own life.  My classes are getting better… still have a lot of work ahead. As time has gone on I am finding a place which allows me to just give.Finding Balance. Working on that. I miss your smiling face.

~Love, Shane, Class of 2011

Hi Elyse,
I’m teaching private classes four times a week and hope to ramp up and add a couple more classes in September.  Most of my students are women in their late 50s and early 60s.  I teach beginner to intermediate yoga, chair, and restorative and am always emphasizing the alignment, breath, and “keep coming back” to principles.I think of you often…Thanks to you and Carl for adding so much to my life!

~Barbara, Class of 2008

Elyse and Carl,
I am missing you and thanking you both for the amazing teacher training experience and for all that you both give to us students who pass through.  Much more than you realize.Xoxoxo,

~Searmi 🙂 Class of 2012

Elyse and Carl,
Greetings from Japan! How are you guys doing? I am sure all the workshops and Teacher TrainingEiko1s are keeping you guys busEiko2y!Well, I finally started my little yoga class at my house (Buddhist temple). Today, I had two people came to try my class and one of them decided to come to my class regularly and purchased 20 series ticket!I am so happy but in a same time, a little scared…well, I just do my best to teach what I have learned from you guys and keep learning myself too!  Please see attached pictures. 🙂      
I also made my website but it’s in Japanese only. (I should create in English too! I know, I know, I am trying!) Check it out anyways.
Please take care of yourselves and hopefully, I will be able to come back and visit you guys soon!

~Eiko, Class of 2012

Hey Elyse,
The training experience with you and Carl was & continues to be an ever evolving experience for me. I learned so much from you both & the guest teachers with their expertise & the varied students and their wide assortment of experience.  It is hard to articulate the assortment of knowledge. The growth was in so many directions: I am still digesting & processing.
As far as teaching, I continue to teach Core Stretch & Strengthening classes / with a YOGA flare at YOGA GROUNDS a boutique studio in Tujunga on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings.  I also continue to take classes from YOGA AT THE VILLAGE because I enjoy them so much and they keep me fresh which I find is so important to anyone that aspires to teach. It’s like anything you do and the circle of life, learn, teach, receive, grow, learn, teach, receive, grow and etc etc etc.  oh and BREATH….  Same Same but different always different….. ; ) See you at the Village and always & forever grateful.

~Mary BethClass of 2012