3/04/17 – Ayurvedic Medicine: The Science of Life – An Introduction and Guide to Health with Dr. Aparna Dandekar

Which Dosha are YOU?  What makes you tick?  Find out during this fun and informative workshop.


Yoga at the Village Master Class Series*

Ayurvedic Medicine: The Science of Life
An Introduction and Guide to Health

with Dr. Aparna Dandekar
Saturday March 2, 2017
1:00pm-4:00 pm

TEACHERS:  Earn 3 continuing education units toward your Yoga Alliance renewal.

Ayurveda is considered by many scholars to be the oldest healing science. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means, the science or wisdom of life. Originated in India more then 5000 years ago, Ayurveda is an ancient philosophy based on a deep understanding of eternal truths about the human body, mind and spirit.  It stems from the ancient vedic culture and was taught for thousands of years in an oral tradition from accomplished masters to their disciples.

Understanding the fundamentals of the tri dosha is tantamount to understanding Ayurvedic wisdom. Ayurveda identifies three types of energy or functional principles that are present in everyone and everything. We will focus on: Vata, the energy of movement; Pitta, the energy of digestion or metabolism and Kapha, the energy of lubrication and structure. A self-test will be handed out to take home to understand how these doshas manifest in us. As students of Ayurveda, we need to study and memorize but also contemplate and meditate.

Dr. Aparna Dandekar was born to parents who emigrated from India and settled in the United States in the 1960s. Forward-thinking and wordly in their outlook, they made it a point to infuse the ancient teachings of Vedanta, Ayurveda, and Yoga into her childhood, as they recognized these timeless philosophies to be applicable to modern life. Raised in this open-minded, multilingual, and bi-cultural household, Aparna was able to appreciate the values of both east and west, and identify equally with both. After completing her medical education, Aparna’s pursuit of knowledge led her back to the familiar path of Ayurveda — a medical science that has always resonated comfortably with her personal philosophies toward health. In addition to having served as a Kaiser Permanente physician from 2005-2013, Dr. Dandekar currently practices at the Tang Center for Student Health at the University of California at Berkeley, where she has had the privilege of taking care of patients since 2008. She also serves as a regular guest lecturer at the San Diego College of Ayurveda, where she received her training as an Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner. She is fluent in the Indian languages of Marathi and Hindi, and has a degree in Sanskrit.

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