Yoga at the Village Master Class Series*

The Study of
Pranayama and the Bandhas

with Nancy Goodstein

Sunday, February 24, 2013
1:00am-4:00 Noon

TEACHERS:  Earn 3 continuing education units toward your Yoga Alliance renewal.

Pranayama (the study of the breath)*
Bandha (use of the body’s internal locks)*
*These are the methods of directing, and or, manifesting Prana (energy)

This workshop delves into the studies of Pranayma and Bandha as they are connected to yogic postures. This brings them to higher levels of mental and physical involvement which leads to greater freedom, emotionally and energetically. With the integration of these three disciplines, the body builds more strength and vitality while practicing yoga postures, than it would without this connection. The circulatory, respiratory, and cleansing systems of the body become more deeply involved and therefore, more deeply activated.

Nancy’s study of yoga began with a  foundation of pranayama and meditation under Alan Finger and began teaching under his guidance soon after. She then studied Iyengar with Lisa Walford, Steve Friedman, and Aadil Palkihivala. Her own teaching came to include flow yoga with focus on form and joy. In 1995 Dena Kingsburg introduced her to the Ashtanga practice and Nancy has dedicated her studies in this direction ever since, studying with, Pattabhi Jois, at every opportunity. She has also been deeply influenced by Shari Friedrichson, of the Himalayan Institute who encourages an internal path of cleansing pain to allow freedom of the true self. Interest in, The Bhagavad Gita, has been a natural continuance. It guides the journey to self while navigating a path in this world. Nancy uses a gentle, if exacting, emphasis on physical adjustments, and encouragement of self-doing to help her students find their intelligence, strength, abundance, and joy.

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*TEACHERS:  Earn 3 continuing education units toward your Yoga Alliance renewal.

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