Our Seventh Annual
Yoga Teachers' Training:
A Journey to Discovery
is off to a running start!

Welcome 2013 Training Candidates
February 2 - April 28, 2013


2009 and 2012 200-Hour Graduating Classes
You all rocked!

d 200 Hour Teacher Training Application

*(You do not need to be an aspiring yoga teacher to take this course.)

(500 Hour Program . 
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Attention 200 an 500-Hour Candidates:
You are invited to "drop in" on any of our scheduled regular training sessions
to "interview us." 
We want you to be happy with your decision should you decide to join us.
We run year round so please feel free to call or email to set up a meeting time.

Yoga at the Village is honored to once again present a unique Expanded Study and Teacher Training course for enthusiastic practitioners, as well as potential instructors. You do not need to be an aspiring yoga teacher to take this course. **Our 500 Hour Training is sanctioned by Yoga Alliance.

All established yoga traditions point to the same underlying Reality, but they each come from their own, intrinsically valid, philosophical perspective.

This course is designed to provide an harmonious exploration of both the deeply unifying aspects of various Hatha Yoga traditions, as well as their fundamental differences, in a respectfully adventurous format. Whether you’re interested in expanding your understanding of yoga or would like to become a teacher some day, we’ll provide an inclusive experience that will present the central information on living a yogic life, as well as leading safe and well structured, eclectic Hatha Yoga classes.

A consistent personal practice of yoga postures and breath meditation, as well as an awareness of bio-mechanical principles and their spiritual connotations, provide the central tools to enhance your life as a yoga practitioner, and to teach Hatha Yoga to others.

As always, we intend to provide prospective, dynamic Hatha Yoga teachers with excellent vocal, physical and technical skills.

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