Yoga Teachers' Training:
A Journey to Discovery
Next 200 Hour Training February 2 - April 28, 2013
Expand Your Understanding / Train To Teach Hatha Yoga*

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*(You do not need to be an aspiring yoga teacher to take this course.)

Our Curriculum
The Yoga at the Village curriculum meets the professional yoga teaching standards as set forth by Yoga AllianceSM  The course will include:

100+ hours of eclectic Hatha yoga classes, representing and exploring different styles and traditions.

25-30+ hours of instruction on principles of demonstration, assisting, critical observation and adjustments, essential qualities of a teacher, and the business aspects of teaching yoga.

30+ hours of yoga philosophy, lifestyle applications, and the ethics of teaching yoga.

20+ hours of practical anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics.

10+ hours of practicum, which will include practice-teaching, giving and receiving feedback, and assisting others while teaching.

**Special attention will be placed on teaching you to "think on your feet" and how to handle the 'unexpected' in class. It's all going  to happen :-D



Our Curriculum

Teaching Staff

Class Fees, Dates and Times
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