Please bring your own mat
Due to health concerns voiced by some of our students, our mats are now "freshly laundered" and available for a rental/laundry charge of $2 per use. As a commitment to your continuing practice and for your own personal hygiene, please purchase your own mat. Remove your shoes before entering the main room and respect other student's mats by not walking across them.  

Please don't step on other students' mats
It's just not good juju :-0

Please be on time
Arriving a few minutes before class provides you an opportunity to quietly meditate and prepare for class.  If you arrive after class has begun, please wait to enter the main room until after opening meditation is completed, and the instructor will help you find a space.  Please do not ask anyone to move while in meditation. If it is necessary to leave before class is over, do so BEFORE savasana. Please keep your voice soft to respect those that might be in private meditation prior to class.
Our doors will be locked 10 minutes after the start of each class to assure your safety.  Thank you.

Please check in with the desk every visit
Your class participation includes that you legibly print your name on the attendance sheet prior to your class and check your series status. We are unable to extend credit, so please be prepared to pay for your class at the time of your participation.

Please be aware of your scents

Keep your yoga mat clean by washing it regularly in warm water and mild detergent. Please refrain from wearing perfume or fragrance to class.

Please attend any class.  Don't worry about being a "beginner" 
We're ALL beginners really, to some extent. Just tell your teacher if it's your first yoga class and of any limitations or discomfort you might be experiencing. Leave your ego at home and have a good time.

Please refrain from eating at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours prior to class.

Cell phones and pagers should always be programmed to "vibrate mode" prior to entering the studio. It is not acceptable to make a call on a cell phone inside the studio.


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